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About The Walkerton Area Shopper

The Walkerton Area Shopper is an advertisement tabloid that has been serving local communities since 1972. In the early years the Walkerton Shopper was owned and operated by the Walkerton Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber at one point was looking for an individual that could dedicate more time in operating the paper.  A decision was made to sell the paper to private owner, Susan Rudecki, in 2002. Susan and her family operated the Walkerton Shopper for a successful 11 years before deciding to move on. At that time the Walkerton Shopper went up for sale, and while many local residents and organizations showed interest in buying the paper, it wasn't until early 2013 that a deal was made and a new owner came on board.

Today the owners are Michael Tutino and his wife Kelly.  Michael and Kelly are Walkerton residents and felt that the paper was not only an opportunity to have a lucrative business, but that it was also a way to become further involved in the local communities. "We have always enjoyed the simple life in a country setting. We are big believers in supporting small business. So rather than driving to the "big city" for our shopping, we would often utilize our local communities and discovered that most anything can be found locally," stated Michael Tutino. 

In 2010 the Tutino's found the house of their dreams in an ad placed in the Walkerton Area Shopper. "We always enjoyed reading the paper, especially Michael, he looked forward to seeing what auctions were scheduled from week to week," stated Kelly Tutino. 

The Tutino's are dedicated to making the Walkerton Area Shopper bigger and better than ever before. The website was the first major step in moving the small town country paper into the next generation. There was also a slogan added to the heading of the paper "Your Country Connection". The Walkerton Area Shopper is meant to connect our local communities and to instill a prideful feeling in each of our local residents as they choose to do their shopping locally. We are all small town country folks, what better way to stay connected than by using a local paper. The Walkerton Area Shopper is your Country Connection!

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