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There are a few steps involved in placing an advertisement ad.  Please click on each of the 3 steps below to learn how to submit your ad information to us.  Once you have your size picked out click on the "Submit My Ad Info Now" tab.

Step #1 Sizes & Prices  - Take a look at some of our most common sizes and prices.

Step #2 How many weeks  - How many weeks would you like to run?

Step #3 Ad Content - What text and or  "photo's / logo's / clipart"  would you like?

Submit My Ad Info Now  - Type in your text, tell us what size and how many weeks.

Already have an ad put together?  Email it to us and your good to go.  walkertonshopper@gmail.com

For more information about placing an Advertisement Ad contact us or call (574) 586-7467.

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